Dividend Investing A-Z eBook & Dividend Tracker Package


Dividend Investing A-Z eBook & Dividend Tracker Bundle!

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You will receive both: The A-Z Dividend Investing eBook & The Custom Dividend Tracker


  • Lifetime access to the A-Z Dividend Investing eBook (Plus any updates)
  • Lifetime access to the custom dividend tracker to track your progress (Plus any updates)
  • Lifetime access to MY live 7 figure dividend portfolio (View every stock & ETF I Buy & Sell ect.)

Dividend Investing eBook

In this compelling Dividend Investing eBook, you'll gain all of my dividend investing information that I have been gathering for almost a decade of investing.

I will show you exactly how I was able to build multiple large portfolios which now pay me more than $6,200 per month in dividends. The hard part about dividend investing is knowing where to start, and having the correct information early on so you make the least amount of mistakes as possible. Here's an example of one of my various portfolios:

What sets this eBook apart is the firsthand experience and battle-tested knowledge of an established investor. Some of what you will learn about is...

  1. My 7 years of experience: Learn the secrets behind selecting high-yield, low-risk dividend stocks. Uncover the metrics and analysis techniques used by long term investors.
  2. Building a Resilient Portfolio: Discover how to construct a diversified portfolio that withstands market volatility while consistently generating passive income.
  3. Navigating Market Trends: Gain valuable insights into adapting your investment strategies to varying market conditions, ensuring long-term success.
  4. Wealth Accumulation Strategies: Explore techniques for reinvesting dividends and compounding your wealth over time, maximizing your financial potential.
  5. Risk Management Techniques: Understand how to mitigate risks effectively, safeguarding your investments against unforeseen market shifts.

This eBook is not just theoretical; it's a practical guide filled with actionable advice derived from real-world experiences. Whether you're a novice investor or a seasoned pro, this resource will elevate your dividend investing game, empowering you to make informed decisions and secure your financial future.

The eBook is around 31 pages and goes through all you need to know and all the ins and outs of dividend investing. I am positive that you will receive tremendous value from this eBook.

Dividend Tracker

You will receive my custom dividend tracker built on google sheets. With this tracker you will be able to add your portfolio and see how much in dividends you will earn over multiple different time frames which will be very helpful and motivating.

*My Dividend Tracker For My Portfolio

For $29 you will get lifetime access to both of these.

This offer ends very soon.

I promise you will be pleased with both!

Thank you - Benjie

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A-Z breakdown on dividend investing.

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Dividend Investing A-Z eBook & Dividend Tracker Package

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